Level I Massage Therapist, Young & Ambitious, Compassionate, Zen Master

Makenzi has always been interested in the spa atmosphere, and has her own approach to massage.

Her soft spot is in detailed work: facial massage, reflexology and relaxation.

Her personal philosophy is that every person deserves to be loved on and touched every day as an important aspect of existence and happiness.

She’s into the ways massage lets her connect with folks on an energetic level, and enjoys creating individual relationships with each guest. In fact the spiritual and physical benefits of massage is what she strives for – always being mindful of how energy is transferred through massage.

Her side job is that of a relaxation connoisseur – spending her free time reading, soaking in a bubble bath, savoring coffee and – the icing on the cake – getting a massage.

Studying spiritual healing and chakras is one of her favorite past times, and she hopes to one day take a mission trip, or study with monks, seeking peace and wisdom.

Loving her job and the continued education she receives at Shannon Aleksandr’s helps her bring something new to the table, every time.

If you’re on Makenzi’s table, get ready to clear your mind, welcome tranquility and leave feeling energized. Connectivity is key.

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