This may come as a shocker, but fashion doesn’t always pertain to women. The truth is, men are looking to impress, feel confident in their looks, and dazzle just as much as women are! For the ones that are trying, a moment of applause:

For the ones that are struggling and eager to learn more, we have a quick and easy guide that will help you navigate the go-to looks that are trending, making it easier for you to pick the look that will resonate with who you are and the look that will make you feel SNATCHED.

The Retro Cut

The Retro Cut or the Slicked-Back Undercut has been a swoon-worthy hairstyle for several years now and we don’t see it going anywhere, anytime soon. This look is sleek and carries an air of mystery for anyone that fashions the look. This timeless look can be styled back or even parted to the side for a more dramatic effect.

The Crop Top

Men, if you are wanting low maintenance but regal and refined style, then The Crop Top is the one for you! This look originated with Roman emperors centuries ago, and has been a staple of men’s hair evolution ever since!. This look is ultra-modern, as it consists of a gradient on the sides and back and can be worn in several different ways. The Crop Top can work with a short fringe cut towards the hairline or even a longer fringe cut down the forehead for more depth. This cut is also a great way to tame those curls!


Now if you want to make a statement and stand out, Disconnected is the way to go here. The magic of this handsome look is that it’s one part put-together and one part winging it, which makes it all the more attractive. With Disconnected we see the hair loose and full of volume that can easily be tousled in any direction. Messy perfected!

Watch those heads turn as you flaunt your new trendy hair! Now’s the time to make the change you want to see. Set yourself a 2021 hair goal and see how that affects your confidence and mood this year!! It is never too late to make a change and good hair is the perfect place to start. Stop by our salon, and let us help you update your look. Trust us, we won’t disappoint.

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