If your hair feels like it’s missing something, a good, ol’ hair mask might be the answer. But finding the best hair mask for your hair type can feel overwhelming, impossible, and like a complete waste of money. After all, spending $30+ on a sometimes single-use product can feel like a splurge.

You don’t have to worry about wasting your time (or money). Instead, use this easy guide to finding the perfect hair mask for you, and start saying hello to good hair days every day.

What Do Hair Masks Do for Your Hair?

Hair masks can be life-changing when it comes to hair transformations. There are times when your everyday conditioner just doesn’t seem to be cutting it anymore. So if you’re dealing with frizz, breakage, or just plain difficult styling, then it might be time to pump up the hair care routine with a hair mask.

Hair masks come in all different styles. And like any other hair product, it’s not a one-size-fits-all kinda solution. Instead, it’s more like finding the perfect pair of jeans; some are too tight, others too loose. 

But when you find that pair – oooh, baby, the world better hold on tight while they witness the magic of a brilliantly-matched hair mask.

Each hair mask addresses different hair concerns. Feeling a bit frizzy? Go for a smoothing mask to infuse your hair with moisture and tame flyaways. Dealing with dry, itchy winter scalp? Find a mask that targets the skin to provide soothing relief. Or maybe you’re looking to add a little bit of va-va-voom back into those natural curls

Whatever your hair type (or hair concern), there’s a hair mask for you. Now, it’s simply a matter of finding it.

3 Easy Steps to Find the Best Hair Mask for Your Hair Type

Good news: the days of feeling lost in the hair product aisle are over. The sheer selection of hair masks can feel daunting, but the best solution is to ask the professionals. Our Tribe members are experts at helping guide you towards the best products for your hair type. 

In the meantime, here are the three easy steps to finding the best hair mask for you. 

Get to Know Your Hair Type

Ahh, the elusive hair type. We all fall into a hair type “category,” and knowing yours will help you narrow down the wide selection of hair masks out there. When we’re talking hair type, there are four general categories that you can fall into:

A mask that works for tight, natural curls will likely be too heavy for straight, fine hair. And that’s ok! Find a mask for your unique hair type. 

Need more help getting to know your hair type? Check out our guide here.

Understand Your Natural Texture

One of the easiest ways to find the best hair mask for you is to get to know your hair texture well. Like really well – in that BFF kinda way. There are two components to texture: thickness and porosity.

To find your natural texture, compare a single strand of hair to a piece of thread. If it’s thicker, you’ve got coarse hair. If it’s thinner, you’re rocking that fine texture.

Then, take a single strand of hair and drop it into a bowl or cup of water. 

If it floats, your hair doesn’t tend to absorb moisture naturally. Go for thick, moisturizing masks and leave ‘em on overnight for maximum absorption.

If it sinks, your hair loooooooves moisture – and easily absorbs it. Lightweight masks are more your thing – and make sure to give ‘em an extra good rinse in the shower, so there’s no leftover residue weighing you down.

If it floats right in the middle, you’re a middle of the road kinda person. Look for medium-weight masks that you can leave on a little longer. 

Identify Your Hair Needs & Goals

Colored, curly, oily, dry – the best hair mask for you will address your top hair concerns and needs. 

Masks can also have a balancing effect. For example, if you battle an oily scalp, but your ends seem dry – there’s a mask for that! You can also try applying the mask from the mid to end lengths only. This will help you avoid a greasy scalp but help infuse moisture into the ends where it’s needed most.

If you color your hair regularly, look for masks specifically designed to preserve your color treatment and infuse your hair with moisture. This can help extend your color by maintaining it and preventing color from being stripped away.

Here are a few of our favorite hair masques for different hair needs:

Fine Hair

Color-treated Hair

Thick/Coarse Hair

Damaged Hair 

Conclusion: Make Hair Masks Your BFF – But Don’t Skip the Salon

Isn’t it time you gave your locks a lil bit of TLC? That’s what a hair mask is for. So whether you’re fighting winter hair problems or you’re just looking to extend your style between salon visits, a hair mask might be just what the doctor ordered for you.

But remember: hair masks aren’t a replacement for regular trims & visits to your stylist

Contact us today to reserve a consultation with one of our Tribe members and keep your hair happy, healthy, and thriving. 

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