Listen up, blondes – keeping those gorgeous, blonde locks happy, healthy, and shiny ain’t easy. Especially because you put ‘em through the wringer every four to six weeks. While the blondes of yesteryear understand just how fragile processed blonde hair can be, the modern products of today can help preserve the natural luster of your hair.

Here’s everything you need to know about keeping blonde hair healthy.

Don’t Overdo It

So you want your blonde to be brighter. That’s all fine and dandy, but it’s a process, sweetie, and it won’t happen overnight. Overprocessing your hair is the fastest route to damage town.

Avoid that one-way ticket, please! Stick to recommended maintenance periods to reduce the amount of damage you’re dealing to your precious locks.

Resident Tribe expert Logan recommends root touch-ups every four to six weeks for bleaching and toning on platinum or bright blonde hair and every six to twelve weeks for a more lived-in vibe.

Get the Right Products

Those just-styled feels don’t last forever. Keep your blonde hair salon-worthy by investing in products that will keep your blonde hair healthy. 

Let’s say it together: heat protectant, heat protectant, heat protectant. The number one most essential hair product for keeping blonde hair healthy is a good heat protectant that can help shield your hair from styling damage.

You should also invest in a brightening shampoo and conditioner duo that helps keep your blonde color bright – not brassy. Over time, water (especially hard water) can build up on your hair. That can quickly dull a blonde’s shine and tint it a not-so-blonde color. Just don’t be alarmed when your shampoo and conditioner come out purple – that’s totally normal!

Last (but not least) is a great hair mask to help repair and rebuild the cuticle. Don’t go overboard with this one, though, because it’ll start to weigh you down. Ain’t nobody want flat, lifeless hair that’s been doused in a conditioning mask. 

Start with once or twice a week. If you’re feeling extra nice, you can even apply it and leave it on overnight, then rinse out in the morning for luscious, hydrated hair.

Trust the Experts

PUT DOWN THAT BOXED BLEACH, SIS! Just trust the experts and let them do the hard work for you. Invest in some self-care for your hair, and let the professionals help guide your regular blonde hair care routine.

Ready to bring the shine back into your blonde hair? Reserve an appointment with one of our in-house experts and bring on that golden, summer glow!

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