Full confession: when quarantine struck, most of us let our self-care go to the wayside. After all, you weren’t going to be seen in public and you probably weren’t taking that summer vacation.  Mani-pedis didn’t really seem to matter anymore.

But if you’ve been breaking out those warm-weather sandals in anticipation of summer get-togethers, you might have noticed that your feet need a little TLC. Here’s why you should leave it to the pros and indulge in a little post-quarantine mani-pedi.

Say So Long to Quarantine Nails with a Self-Care Mani-Pedi

If your nails are feeling overworked from all that working from home, it’s time to come see our professional Tribe members for the works. Cuticle oil and a fresh coat of color can do you a world of wonders. But don’t settle for that at-home DIY manicure.

Nail guru and Tribe member Michelle and Lydia can help revive those overworked hands and nails with the best products for those dry, chipped, and split nails. Add some strength and boost your nail health with a keratin protein treatment. This hardworking miracle maker goes on like an oil to help reinforce your nails. 

Whether you’re letting the beauty of your natural nail shine or indulging in some detailed nail art, guests can reserve that much-needed me-time with a manicure.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

You’re not alone if you haven’t been giving your feet the care they need. DIY pedicures just never seem to cut it. No matter what, there always seems to be that dead skin and callous lingering under your favorite pair of socks.

Let’s be honest: it’ll probably take more than an at-home soak of the feet to get those puppies ready for lake days. With a little warm water and pumice stones, the professionals at Shannon Aleksandr Salon are here to help you put your best foot forward.

Let the pros bring back those buttery soft heels and break out those flip flops and wedges, baby. It’s sandal season

Don’t have time to wait around for polish to dry? Don’t sweat it. Go for the fan-favorite gel pedicure for that uber quick drying time. Plus, UV gel can help delay and prevent chipping and extend the life of your pedicure.

Practice Long Overdue Self-Care with our Mani-Pedi Services 

Rejoice – quarantine is finally over and life’s getting back to normal. Now that you’re going to have to go out in public, it’s time to whip those feet and hands back into sparkling shape. Get that glow and book an indulgent manicure and pedicure at Shannon Aleksandr Salon in Evansville, Indiana.

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