There’s nothing quite like a fresh do for that “New Do, Better You” kinda vibe. Whether you’re feeling like getting a lil funky or switching things up with a retro hairdo, you’re sure to find something that’ll float your boat from the list of exciting and trendy men’s haircuts that are taking the country by storm.

Buzzcuts Are Back, Baby!

That’s right fellas – the buzzcuts are back, and we’re here for it. There’s nothing like the rugged charm of a freshly faded buzzcut. And if you’ve been considering giving this style a shot, there’s never been a better time than now.

Keep in mind that there’s virtually no limit to making the buzzcut work for your style. Go for a geometric line on the front. Or you could work in a gradient-like fade. No matter which way you spin this phenomenal fad, it’s one of easiest ways to make a big visual statement with little to no maintenance.

Keep the Party in the Back with a Mod Mullet

The cool kids have spoken, and they’re bringing back an oldie, but an unforgettable goodie: the mullet. Perfect for those days when you want the best of both worlds. Just a lil business in the front while the back keeps it a groovy party.

You could go full mullet – or keep it minimal. You can easily add a more refined edge by using a gentle, low fade on the sides and shorter in the back. Just stay away from the perms, ok? You can leave those in the 80s.

Get Shaggy with It

The cat’s out of the bag – we can’t get enough of the 70s inspired shaggy do. Think: Bob Dylan and Mick Jagger but in a more effortless, au natural kinda way. Shags are great for the dudes with natural texture or movement.

The key to nailing the shag look is to add in all the layers. Layers on layers on layers. In this case, there’s probably no such thing as too many. Plus, the beauty of the shag is that it can be just about any length that you want. Short? Yep. Shoulder length? Go for it! 

Make a Bro Flow Your Thing

Yes, a bro flow is a thing – and maybe this is the year to make it your hairstyle of choice. What is a bro flow, you ask? It’s the laid-back, carefree, low-maintenance do that you’ve been waiting for your whole life. Relaxed. Rugged. And with loads of texture.

Thicker and mid-length tresses don’t have to mean more maintenance. Instead, embrace your natural texture or add a little pizazz with texture products. Pomades, waxes, and mousses can all give your hair that effortless Zac Efron-esque flow. 

Conclusion: From Fades to Flows, It’s Time to Switch Up Your Style

Though it can be tempting to stick with the same hairstyle, we’re here to tell you that it’s time to switch it up. The hair gods have spoken, and we’re here for all the unique and unforgettable hair trends for men. Whether you’re ready to rock a retro shag or want to embrace the buzzcut trend, there’s a hairstyle for every dude. 

Not sure which hairstyle is best for you? Contact us today to reserve your one-on-one consultation and let us help you bring your hair goals to life.

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