Winter is coming… and it’s about to get cold, like very cold. We all know how Indiana weather can be in the winter. One day it’s snowing and you’re snuggled up inside with your favorite holiday candle envisioning yourself in a Hallmark movie. The next day it’s barely below freezing but raining sideways and you have to go to work, run errands, and can’t find your umbrella (like it would help anyway). With all this unpredictable weather, your hair takes a beating. We are here to give you some tips on how you can protect your hair from the cold air this season!

Hair Serums/Oils, Always.
First thing’s first, buy some hair oils to lock the moisture into your hair! The dry air is going to dry out your hair and give it so much static… Don’t you just hate that? Hair oils provide instant shine for the dullness winter can bring on, help repair split ends, and smooth out flyaway hairs. It’s great for all hair types too! Some of our favorite hair oils are Kerastase’s L’Huile Original Hair Oil, iconic for all hair types, and 8H Magic Night Hair Serum, an overnight beauty sleep serum.

Regular Hair Appointments, Capeesh?
Cold air leads to dry hair which leads to breakage… Getting a regular trim will help with this increased breakage! Trimming your hair every 4-6 weeks will maintain healthy hair and keep it looking fresh. Regular hair appointments are important, but if you have trouble keeping up with them, now would be a great time to break that habit. Plus, nothing beats having fresh hair for the holidays! 😉

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No Wet Hair, Like Ever.
Do NOT, and we repeat, do not leave your house with wet hair. This goes Go ahead and make sure you’ve got a good blow dryer and heat protectant for the winter. Leaving the house with wet or even just damp hair makes your hair way more vulnerable to breakage than it already is. Ask a Tribe Member to direct you to their favorite blow dryer we have next time you’re in the salon! We also recommend Redken’s Pillow Proof Primer Spray for a great heat protectant on all hair types, features anti-breakage formula, and will cut down blow drying time! Who wouldn’t want to cut their blow-drying time down?!

Hair Masks, Please!
Face masks are fun, but have you ever tried a hair mask?! Just as fabulous as it sounds, hair masks are packed with plenty of healthy hair benefits and don’t take a lot of time. Just  20 minutes will leave your lovely locks hydrated, softened, and shiny. Kerastase has some of our favorites for all hair types and concerns! Kerastase’s Masque Fondemental Riche Hair Mask nourishes dry hair and is paraben-free (if you don’t know what this means, just know it’s important!).

Silk Is Your New BFF.
Silk pillow cases, silk-lined winter hats, you name it! Buy it! Traditional pillow cases typically suck the hydration right out of your hair. Wool or cotton-lined winter hats can also give your hair some damage. It’ll leave your hair brittle, prone to more breakage, and dull, taking ‘hat hair’ to a new level. We offer a new Rapid Dry Double Layer Turban that is silk lined, perfect for this season. Trust us on this one, get the silk!

These are our top 5 recommendations to help your hair this winter! Sis, take our advice. We want the best for our guests, and the best ending to 2020. Don’t let the last season of the year ruin your hair. 😉

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