Get ready to fall in love if you aren’t already!

Reyn is all kinds of intriguing – from their noteworthy personal style to their love of horror movies, concert-going, French films and individual expression – it’s truly hard to find something we aren’t in love with about them.

What makes them even better is they are one of the first faces and personalities our guests get to soak in when they first walk through the door. They have such a fun, happy, infectious personality and approaches their responsibilities with dedication and insight. They’re passionate in her efforts to know every stylist while making meaningful connections with guests.

They’re obsessed with their cats, sushi, music and getting outdoors any chance they get. What we love most about them? What you see is what you get: they’re bold, but professional. Honest, but kind. Grounded, but adventurous. We couldn’t ask for anything more.

You know that saying “third time’s the charm?”

Jessica was around back when we first opened our doors. She moved away, came back a second time and then took time off again to rock out at a completely different full time job: starting a family and being a stay-at-home mama!

She’s back again and this time mixing it up a bit! She’s traded in her cosmetology sheers for pampering and pleasing each our guests in a role as front desk coordinator. Taking care of guests has always been a number one priority for Jessica, and now she gets to do that 24/7.

And she sure hasn’t lost her touch! Instead chic, edgy and cool hairstyles, you’ll experience treatment just as good – some of the best, most personalized salon service you could ever dream of.

Trust us, she certainly doesn’t skim when it comes to taking care of herself either. Soaking in a hot bath, indulging in a pedicure or binging on Bravo TV are some of her favorite ways to unwind. Pssst. Her not-so-secret mantra? Eat dessert first!

There’s nothing better than washing a warm chocolate chip cookie down with a glass of ice cold milk. It’s safe to say we’ll be taking a page from her book.

Jenna is one of the first faces you’ll see when visiting the salon – and for good reason. She’s got an incredible (and natural) knack for customer service – especially for putting out fires. Here’s the catch: she’s so good, she basically prevents the fires, kid you not. Chatting with her, working with her, being taken care of by her – it all feels like hanging with a family member who really cares about you, and we’re grateful for how well she takes care of our guests, and how much easier she makes all our lives.

She enjoys walking and rollerblading on the riverfront, watching way too much Netflix with her cat, Presley, and grocery shopping. Adulting isn’t actually that hard, after all.

A fun fact we love about her: Her middle name is “Dale,” the same as her grandpa’s, who she also shares a birthday with. Every year they go out celebrate together, and we can’t think of anything more precious.

Her work ethic is a force to be reckoned with, and she approaches every challenge ready and willing to learn, and grow. Not a bad person to have at our front desk, and in our corner.

Taylor is one of the first faces you’ll see when walking through our front doors. She helps get things done. She welcomes guests and also assists in booking appointments and any retail needs. As a veteran at the front desk, she enjoys training and coaching newer members to the front desk team.

Her favorite part of her job is in building a relationship with every guest that comes through those doors. She is excited to interact with guests, inviting and strives to make each person feel at home during their SAS experience.

She embraces her independence as an adult, and doesn’t miss a chance to spend time with her family outdoors: hiking, kayaking – you name it. When not exploring outdoors, she enjoys watching Disney movies. Her favorite is Peter Pan.

Taylor is driven by customer satisfaction and considers herself a team player. If there is ever anything you need, she’s eager to help.

To say that Chad keeps the wheels turning at SAS may be an understatement. He manages our family of employees, guest services, retail and sales, promotions, marketing and everything behind the scenes.

As salon director, Chad is responsible, and often matter-of-fact. His ‘all business’ approach reflects his passion and love for running a business, and a darn good one at that. He radiates his philosophy: love what you do, always give one hundred percent and take pride in every detail.

His knack for anticipating people’s needs, and knowing what a person wants, even before they do has helped him create bonds and authentic relationships with our staff and guests.

Give Chad a clean pair of socks, a shaver, a fresh white crew neck, and his personal favorite Eminence Skin Care products and he’s ready to take on anything. Possibly even take over the world.

He’s shamelessly comfortable in his own skin, something we adore. He is over the moon with his husband, Eric. They enjoy vacationing, and exploring new ways to create the quality of life they both admire. He always finds ‘me time’ to be with his thoughts and recharge his energy.

He indulges in spontaneity, spending time with friends, a good whiskey, being in the sunshine and playing. He never wants to lose his sense of adventure or the magic of childhood.

He might be like a first cousin to Peter Pan, just with better hygiene.