Run a quick instagram search for your gentleman barber,” and youll find Evans profile and the cleverest (but TRUE!) slogan: I make men dapper.”

Nothing has ever been more true. But for Evan, being a barber goes way beyond just making his guests dapper.

To him, a good barber will come well equipped with an unmatched skill set – but a great barber will have a precision like none other, is constantly evolving and delivers top-notch service, every time.

Translation: Its more than a haircut. When sitting in Evans chair, the service youll receive only gets better every appointment. Hes dedicated to consistency, reliability and upholding a higher standard for himself that his guests consistently benefit from. Oh, and for the record – he loves cutting  womens hair, too – barbering is just where he specializes.

Evan has a love for teaching and learning from others that extends beyond the workplace. Before falling in love with barbering, hed studied physical therapy (its obvious how much he loves making people feel downright good), ran fitness classes and trained people, and still enjoys exercising himself when he has the time.

If theres anything youll take away from being Evans guest, its this: he doesnt half-ass anything, is intensely obsessed with his craft and hes easy to chat and connect with. All things that will benefit you and make you more comfortable.

And lets be honest: anyone who lives by the motto its more than just a haircut” and the Golden Rule is definitely the person you want to be telling everyone is your barber, right?! 

Cassie’s gorgeous and infectious smile is as genuine and inviting as they come, and it’s certainly not the only thing she has going for her. Expect to be pampered, get dolled-up and to receive a personalized experience when you’re in her chair.

She began cultivating her passion for being a stylist as a little girl, practicing on Barbie dolls. From classic cutting to curating customized experiences (and don’t forget every perfectly painted balayage in between!), Cassie works with calculated precision to leave your hair feeling fresh, revived and gorgeous after every visit. She lives for bringing that sparkle to her guests’ eyes.

She’s everything one could dream of in a stylist: chic but sassy, and while pack a surprisingly delightful punch when it comes to her craft. Did we mention she holds her high school’s record for the fastest pin on the wrestling team? Outside of work, you can find her adventuring anywhere outdoors, soaking up every last sunray, boating and spending as much time as possible with her son and family.

Come to think of it, what’s not to smile about?

There is an aura of mystery to Alison; a quiet kind of wisdom and soul older than her age festering just beneath the surface.

Her deep appreciation and passion for creating has always been stimulated in painting, crocheting and other crafts, so it comes as no surprise that she naturally gravitated to a career involving hair and makeup.

While seemingly quiet and sometimes reserved, a brief conversation with her sheds light on some of the mystery about her: she’s the total package – from all things skincare and makeup and killer, edgy haircuts and colors to chic and classic styles – you won’t regret ending up in her chair.

She spends her free time pursuing her creative side painting or crocheting, or outdoors with her dogs, listening to music, shopping and absorbing as much new information to master her craft as she can!