Bayleigh brings a healthy balance of passion, spark, femininity, calm and perception to the SAS spa.

She is intuitive and charming and goes above and beyond to create a clean, inviting and naturally soothing atmosphere for her guests.

You’re teleported to a world that is all about you when you’re in Bayleigh’s care! Your interests, lifestyle, and wellness goals are her utmost priority, and you’ll find yourself soaking in every second of the slice of time you get to spend being pampered by her.

The girly-girl out of her and her three sisters, she grew up playing with makeup and doing her friends’ hair. Her family is her rock and biggest supporters, which she cherishes. She’s laid back and low maintenance, preferring to relax, disconnect and recharge with her pups by her side in her downtime.

That’s because when it comes to working, she deliberately pours her energy into her guests. If there is anything you can be confident about when it comes to Bayleigh, she knows her stuff. From what products are best for your skin type and goals to understanding the right questions to ask to give you an optimal treatment for your lifestyle, every visit.

We warned you. She cares and does make it all about you. Who can complain about that?

Ashley would love to spend every day working on blondes, but in reality, she’d miss dipping her feet into a little bit of everything – highlights, dimension, cutting, balayage – you name it.

But what she loves most about her work is that every day is new. Getting to know her guests, their stories, their travels, and making them look and feel fab never gets boring.

It makes sense. She is engaging, well-traveled and as easy going as they come. That she genuinely cares about her guests, their hair and her coworkers is an understatement.

While she’s a self-proclaimed homebody who jumps at the opportunity to soak in an agenda-free day, she’s also an avid traveler who appreciates an off-grid camping trip when time permits. Up next? She has her sights set on international adventures when she can steal away the vacay.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention what was likely her first love, and still an extension of who she is today: music. That, and the fact that it’s no secret, she’d replace her entire food pyramid with chocolate and candy if she could get away with it.

If you’re looking for some zen time – to unplug, unwind and forget about the outside world, you’ve come to the right chair. 

If chatting and bonding is more your style, Lydia makes it a point to make those connections with her clients as well. That’s her thing: creating and providing you with the exact experience and atmosphere you’re looking for – not to mention giving you taking care of your skin and nails while she’s at it.

An almost-ballerina (she did ballet for 15 years, and almost went to Juilliard!), with an old soul Lydia is neat, clean and organized. She also has an adventurous and creative side. Her vibe is heavy on the selfless side, and she strives to understand her clients and give them the experience they want every time.

Her secret talent? While she wishes it were the ability to fly or be invisible, when it comes to hair, skin and makeup it’s all about individualism and self-expression. She wants her clients leaving the salon feeling as confident and gorgeous as she sees them and every bit of relaxed!

One of the most admirable characteristics in Kabrea is her drive and work ethic. She combined her passion for making others feel beautiful and her love for dressing up, playing with makeup and hair into a career in cosmetology. She’s lived in different cities, worked other careers, but nothing else has ever made her feel quite as at home as being a cosmetologist.

When it comes to hair, a good “project” really gets her adrenaline and creative juices flowing. She appreciates a challenge; anything out of the ordinary that involves art, skill, efficiency – or an unusual request one wouldn’t see every day.

She’s a perfectionist, but is mastering the art of pulling off a finished look while intimately distributing her time and energy to her clients.

Anyone who knows her would agree she’s a neat-freak, however, she feeds her spontaneity by wandering and playing outdoors, attending a good basketball game (GO UK!) and taking impromptu drives with no destination. We can’t complain she ended up here – and we don’t think you will either.

One of the first things you’ll notice about Kylee is her happy-go-lucky demeanor. Seriously. She is one of the most positive people we’ve ever met, and we have a hard time not loving her.

Her approach to doing hair is parallel to her perspective on life: It’s all about being positive, and happy. She believes if someone is having a bad day, a stylist can change that for them by changing the way they look. Good vibes, feeling good and making others feel just as good about themselves is what makes her world go round.

Aside from that, she’s family-oriented. She still sleeps with her baby blanket, which is lovingly named Tiki. However, being a hair stylist is a far cry from the family business: her father is a grave digger, and her mom acts as the secretary. She gushes about the support and love she receives from her family, their bond and how fortunate she is.

Most things for Kylee can be solved with a positive perspective. It’s as simple as this:

Why wake up thinking you’re gonna have a bad day? You don’t know that. You never know what the day has to offer.

A little confidence goes a long way.