If you’ve found your way into Eric’s chair, consider yourself lucky.

There is something truly magical about his spirit that emanates these perpetually youthful yet deeply mature, knowing and wise vibes. I mean, come on, how could anyone resist that?

His background in public relations brings a unique perspective to the industry, and it totally reflects in his work. From free and organic styles to meticulous and structured cuts, he deeply reveres the art and skilled discipline it takes to pick up hair and know exactly what it’s going to do when he starts working his magic.

As a self-professed wine connoisseur, on any given day you might find him kicked back with his husband and pups, a delectable glass of the driest white in hand, binge-watching a show or devouring a new novel. However, if it’s in the summertime, you’re more likely to find him cruising around in his jeep. He loves traveling and getting lost in time with the top-down, pups and husband still right by his side.

A confident stylist who understands cutting principles and delivers the freshest styles and latest trends, every time? Um, yes, please!

We’re here to tell ya, if you end up in Montana’s chair, you’re in the right place.

She does knockout hair, crafting those specialty, low maintenance, but beautifully organic natural looks that create a unique style for each of her guests. However, up-dos were (and remain) her first love.

She’s a sucker for big transformations, and tries to have fun with them – creating a “big reveal” moment for her clients. But what she really loves about them, is how they make her guest feel happy with their hair again. It’s the most wonderful feeling for her, and why she got in the industry.

Her idea of relaxation includes playing video games, eating snacks, building legos and binging on taco bell.

Montana’s dream is to become a Redken Artist. Building up other stylists, teaching, sharing techniques and helping and coaching are her short, and long-term goals.

Be ready to bond, maybe even receive a little hair and color theory 101 and most importantly – leave with killer hair.

Kelsey can’t say enough about the salon. She gushes about her love for her Shannon Aleksandr’s family and the support she receives from everyone. The help she receives from her coworkers builds her up, and inspires her to challenge herself to get out of her comfort zone. She openly welcomes growth and education.

She lives for creating baylayage, lived-in looks, that last and make her guests’ lives easier – and beautiful.

Kelsey is always up for an adventure, no matter how small – from staying out late, traveling the world, being outdoors, tubing, jet-skiing and eating banana splits – nothing is really off limits.

Her boxer, Daisy, is close to her heart, and she shamelessly enjoys binge watching series on Netflix, start to finish, her makeup and her phone. Don’t we all?

We’d say she’s not your average millennial. She’s inherited a solid work ethic, passed on by her mama. They share a mindset a lot of us could not only learn from, but live by:

Go in early. Stay late. Go the extra mile. Make it happen. Everything pays off in the end, and balance is key. And that’s what she brings to the table, every day.

Jill first began working at SAS in 2007, but then moved to Milwaukee with her boyfriend. She worked as a stylist in Wisconsin as well, but family and a love for Evansville brought them back after only a few short years. When she returned, she made her way back to her SAS family. Her strong suit is being a good listener, and she considers herself a significant confidant amongst her coworkers.

Her greatest joy in being a stylist is in making her guests happy and seeing her work make them smile. Her favorite hairstyle is a classic bob, saying it makes people timelessly beautiful.

She goes fishing four times a week. There is an interesting peace and tranquility found in sitting on the water and in nature for a few hours. She loves getting away and the chance to recharge in nature.

Aside from fishing, she adores her two dogs and spending as much time with them as possible. She’s also a huge fan of her boyfriend, Dan, who writes music for documentaries.

One thing to note: When she first moved to Milwaukee, she worked at an Aveda salon for one month. After a month, she left to begin working at another Redken Elite Salon. She truly believes in the Redken system, and says it offers more education than any other product line. We’d say she’s right at home nowadays.

Danielle votes SAS the most chill, friendly place to work. We like that, and maybe we’re a little biased, but we agree. She sort of rocks a chill and laid-back vibe herself. She’s easy-going and enjoys being helpful around the salon. One thing that continues to stun her is seeing people go out of their way for other people, being self-less and doing so without any expectations.

She’s a third-generation hair stylist, and went to the same school her mother attended in the 80’s. So it might be okay to say she has a little bit of knowledge and experience in this industry. She embraces the opportunities the salon offers in education, and has found her home at SAS and amongst her coworkers.

She likes to go garage sale-ing when she has a Saturday off. We’d consider her a bit brave: she bought a house, a new car and her poodle, Ellie Mae, all in one week. In her free time, she’s usually working around the house, you know, re-patching her ceiling on her own. No big deal.

A few things she’s always down for: Pizza, sweets and random road trips.

First things first.

“I’ve always wanted to be a stylist.” Hannah has an instinctive will to learn new things. She’s always listening and is extremely passionate about this industry. She’s never wanted to be anything else. She’s got a sensationally light spirit, but takes her work as a stylist seriously. Her favorite class to-date has been a Pravana Vivid class, specializing in spunky colors like pinks and purples.

When we asked Hannah three things she couldn’t live without she said:

  1. lipstick
  2. Roxie Hart (it’s her dog and she’s a Lab and German Shepherd mix) and
  3. music.

She’s a concert enthusiast and enjoys traveling. However, she maaaaay have forgotten one important thing: her husband Brandon. She’s completely smitten with him. They enjoy going to farmer’s markets in search of artisan crafts, fresh flowers and old records. They specifically appreciate the small-town friendly vibes.

She’s sassy and represents everything feminine. Think: shopping, glitter, playing dress up, jewelry and makeup. We dig her style and think you will too.

And in case you’re wondering, her favorite product is Powder Grip. Because instant volume and texture, duuuuh.

Time to shake things up a bit.

Crystal is one of the newer stylists in the Shannon Aleksandr’s family, and she’s just as comfortable as a part of the team as she is in her own skin. A former factory worker, she refused to “hate her job in her 60’s,” and found what she truly loves in this industry. If bright eyed and bushy tailed had a face, it’d be hers. She is a sponge when it comes to learning and practicing new techniques.

She is humbled by the array of diverse clients she experiences in this profession, and looks forward to every new experience. Her intense energy and quick wit pair exquisitely well with her passionate nature and immense devotion to listening to her client’s needs. She can’t be outdone.

She married her high school sweetheart, Omar, and they have three children she dedicates her free time to. “We love to picnic on this little lake, and catch baby turtles.” Excuse us, while we all melt.

She rocks her own style, but an open-mind, a broad perspective and hard work are always at the top of her to-do list around the salon.

Kelly brings a unique perspective to the Shannon’s family. She’s from a town in Indiana with a population of just over 700. She is the second oldest of seven siblings and is strongly invested in good family vibes, a recurring feeling amongst our staff.

She is keen on keeping her technical skills up-to-date and appreciates all things education, but what she thinks makes a great stylist is personality. She wants all of her guests to feel involved, appreciated and respected, like family, a characteristic that can no doubt be attributed to her small town roots and upbringing. Her sense of humor is her best trait, and making people laugh comes naturally.

She aspires to pack up and drive cross-country with her husband, exploring the United States and places like the Redwood Forest, but doesn’t miss an opportunity to unwind. She enjoys vegging out, binge watching television and sleeping in.

She definitely marches to the beat of her own drum, and is most likely doing so barefoot.

Michelle has been a part of the SAS family since Shannon opened her doors in 2006. We’d call her a veteran, but the word doesn’t do her youthful and energetic spirit any justice. We consider her a mama-bear at the salon. She embraces her tenure at the salon. She enjoys the versatility within her job and being able to mix things up. She likes the variety of doing so many different things: from manicures to pedicures, acrylic to gel nails.

Her and her husband (they’re high school sweethearts! Go ahead and swoon on that) are now empty-nesters! She’s a mom of three children, of which the last is heading off to college. As a family, a lot of time is spent outdoors: in their yard, at their cabin four-wheeling, in their pool or on their boat. They just have to be outdoors, embracing time together as a family.

They have a passion for entertaining, throwing parties and socializing with their friends. Michelle loves sweets and chips and salsa. In case you haven’t noticed, being a mom (in her real life or her salon life) doesn’t stop her from having a good time. If you need proof, her guilty pleasure is a dirty martini, three olives.

She’s taken several masters classes in acrylic and gel techniques with OPI and Creative Nail Design. We’ve warned you. She’s a force to be reckoned with.

Edgy. Spontaneous. Adventurous. Daring. If ANY of these words even remotely describe you, specifically your attitude when it comes to your hair, Shelby can’t wait to meet you. She loves an open-mind and getting crafty when it comes to hair. She likes to mix it up, though, and has an appreciation for traditional, neat and tame. She’s energetic and quick on her feet. She loves doing hair and embraces it all.

The best part of her job is just that: her job. She is right at home with SAS, and immensely appreciates the camaraderie between the stylists and having a network of people to have her back. Education and consistently learning are fundamental focus toward her growth.

She lives with her boyfriend and their three kids: all of them are cats.

There’s never a boring moment when in her presence. She has an infectious sense of humor, and packs a quick wit. She’s an aspiring zorber; you know those giant hamster balls adults can run around in? Yep. You’ve been warned, she’s a really good time.