Shannon gave her very first makeover when she was just 11 years old. Unbeknownst to their parents, her and a neighbor girl who were being teased at school broke a lot of rules that day, and turned a few heads in the meantime. Think bangs, drastic length chopping and dramatic makeup. When the girl’s mother called, angry, Shannon’s mother explained it quite simply: Shannon just wanted to help her, and make her feel beautiful.

That’s kind of her thing: she’s known to shake things up and show anyone in her path a good time, while having the time of her life. She’s wildly passionate about this business, and she knows her stuff.

Of course, she isn’t all business. We’re convinced ‘fun’ is her middle name. She’ll take a martini, please. Two olives, straight up. Shaken (shocker), not stirred. She’s a big fan of weekend getaways with her childhood girlfriends and the giggles they still share, all these years later. Her love for travel has taken her all over the world: on cruises, hiking adventures and even the next town over.

Her husband, two daughters and son are thick as thieves. At home, she enjoys gardening: both flowers and vegetables.

Her love of family flows right over to her staff.  She possesses a joy only a mother can understand, coaching them and watching their growth as they build their own business and start families.

There’s nothing like taking care of the people that have helped cultivate her business, and make so many guests feel beautiful. When they leave the salon and spread all the positive energy they’ve experienced, it’s a ripple effect Shannon is proud to stand behind. Her philosophy is pretty simple:

Too bad hairdressers aren’t running the world.

Wait a minute, they don’t?!

Racheal’s internal “ahhh-tist” has a devout love for color and hand-eye techniques. She can’t deny it. Color. Color. Color.


For her, the foundation of cosmetology is a great haircut. She’d personally be more flattered to be known as a great hair cutter, than a great colorist.

Well, we say she’s both. How’s that for flattery? Craftsmanship isn’t lost on her, and she is consistently evolving her own craft: as an educator, a colorist and a hair cutter. Word to the wise: she specializes in short cuts, particularly for women.

Let your hair down. She invites an open line of communication into what you love about your look, where she can improve and she’s always eager to shake things up.

She thrives on the stimulation in human relationships; all things sensory and strives to help people genuinely see themselves as purely as she sees them: beautiful souls.

She’s a free spirit and a deep lover: of her family unit, books, words, wisdom, day drinking and driving in her car with the windows down and the music loud. And please don’t ever forget the bourbon or fried chicken.

A cup of coffee and peace and quiet is how she starts every morning, and is quite possibly where all that radiating positive energy comes from. It’s charmingly infectious. You’ll see.

A chunk of happiness. A ton of soul. And all things content, inside + out. We’re pretty sure her professional and personal life approach is to throw that stuff around like confetti.

And who would deny an open invitation to that kind of party?

JD has been a member of the SAS family since the salon’s inception, so it should come as no surprise that along with extensive experience, he’s also become a top educator for the salon.

JD is sort of a ‘no excuses, get it done’ type of guy. His work ethic is transparent, but he’s still an open book. He’s always there for his coworkers and eager to help with every need. Above anything else, education and customer service drives him.

Watching others grow, teaching and seeing the salon’s stylists transform is where he thrives.

While he is intensely invested in his work and being an educator-this guy knows how to unwind. He’s a wild good time, loves a good old fashioned grey goose cocktail and any opportunity to turn it all off and binge watch a good Netflix series, with his three doggies: a King Charles, a Papillon and a Teacup Chihuahua. Does it get any cuter than that?

We’re not mad that he loves having breakfast for dinner, either. Actually, can we come over?

Design is most important to Logan in structuring a great haircut. And he doesn’t miss a detail. Lines, angles, shapes-it’s all being taken into consideration while in his chair. He’s a self-proclaimed analytical hair cutter.

But when it comes to color he’s methodical, yet creative. Like an artist, creating a masterpiece. Baylayage free hand, color melting, ombre and color-correction are some of his most loved subjects.

If he weren’t being a stylist, he’d be pursuing his quest to become Anthony Bourdain. He is obsessed with traveling and experiencing other cultures: their food, religion, history and theology-every aspect of other worlds. He takes great pride in being educated and keeping a fresh perspective.

His wife, Olivia, daughter, Madeline and music are his soft spots. In fact, he is a dynamic tenor one opera singer. And he still teaches voice lessons.

Transparency is his not-so-secret weapon. He flourishes at communication, adapting to clients’ needs and being honest. Insert mic drop.

Carrie’s work ethic is unlike any other. She is well respected by her coworkers and has been described as the person in the salon that gets right down to business, a shaker and a mover and extremely dedicated to her craft. Rightfully so, she has nearly 20 years experience. Her travels to attend classes at the Redken Exchange in New York and the Redken Symposium in Las Vegas keep her up-to-date in industry trends. Her guests are easily the best part of her job, but she is also particularly invested in teaching and training young stylists.

A short conversation with her will immediately expose her innocently sweet and sincere nature, but this is not to overshadow her drive and determination to take on any challenge and to make her guests feel beautiful, every time.

As a wife and a mama, she spends her free time hiking, four-wheeling and gathered around cozy bonfires.

Her guilty pleasures include piano bars, sweet wine and the quiet moments she spends relaxing first thing in the morning, before the rest of her family is awake.

Work hard, play hard isn’t a cliché, and Carrie makes it feel effortless. She is an inspiration around the salon.