Your hair called. It wants you to know that it’s on vacation – from all that excessive styling. And that it’s time to finally embrace your low-maintenance, natural look.

Straight hair, wavy hair, curly hair – bring what you were born with. There’s a way for everyone to maintain the natural look. 

Here are a few tips and tricks from our Tribe member Sammi on how to nail that au naturale look with just the right amount of je ne sais quoi

Don’t Wash Everyday

Here’s a moment of truth: you might actually be overwashing your hair. Most people don’t need to wash their hair everyday. 

So give that shampoo a rest already. Instead we suggest you look into an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse or a cleansing conditioner to use on your days away from shampoo!
If you’ve been overwashing for a while, your scalp might be overproducing on oil. If that’s the case, give it a few weeks for your scalp to balance out to normal levels of oil production.

Texture Spray Is Your Friend

This one’s for folks that might struggle with flat, lifeless hair: a little boost of texture can go a long way.

Adding a texture spray into your styling routine can help give you natural movement without looking artificial or too overdone. Dry shampoo can help boost texture AND help absorb any excess oil.

It’s still quarantine season, people. You don’t have to look polished, so use this time to embrace your raw, natural beauty. 

Let the Natural Color Rule

Sure, you can let your natural style run wild, but did you consider that you can let your color do the same? Your hair will thank you.

Maybe instead of keeping the bright blonde, you let those roots show through. Better yet, let Tribe member Sammi create a “lived in look” with a low maintenance balayage or ombre touch up to embrace your natural color and roots!

 Go Easy On The Styling

You don’t need much styling when you’re embracing the natural look. If you want to add a little movement, just grab a 1” curling iron and do a few loose, beachy waves. Although, if you are going in with a curling iron, don’t forget the importance of heat protectant when styling your hair! 

Curly haired gals, we see you, too! You can also use a curling iron to touch up some second day curls that might have gone limp overnight.

Cutting down on heat styling doesn’t just save you time – it helps prevent hair damage from the use of hot tools.

 Make Low-Effort Look Good By Embracing your Natural Hair Style

Embracing the natural look will have people thinking that you did just wake up like that. They don’t need to know your secrets to a perfect, natural hair day. With a few key products and tools, you’ll be wearing your natural hair look with confidence in no time.

But the natural look needs love too, so don’t forget to keep reserving regular appointments with your stylist to keep those locks trimmed, flowing, and gorgeous everyday.

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