Forget good hair days – we’re here to talk about perfect beard days.

Yes, you can manage that everyday. It’s not complicated and it doesn’t take a whole lot of time. You just gotta be intentional with the way you treat that mighty mane of a beard.

Here are a few beard care 101 tips to set the record straight.

Know Your Products & Tools

If you’re just slapping products into your beard willy nilly, it probably isn’t going to work out in your favor. The same is true if you don’t use any product at all.

Your beard is just like the hair on your head  – unless you’re rocking those Jason Statham vibes. 

You need to find products that work for you and your beard. Here are a few options you should consider using to help tame the frizz and master the dapper lumberjack look:

Master The Techniques 

Learning how to groom a beard is kind of like mastering an art. No, you don’t just wake up like that.  A well-groomed beard takes maintenance – and a little lovin’. 

Try these beard grooming tips to keep your face feeling fresh. 

Don’t Skip the Wash

Beard shampoo. Find it. Use it. End of story.

You need to wash your beard regularly. Your face has sebaceous glands just like your scalp, so there might be a little trial and error till you find something that jives for you. 

If you’ve got dry skin, go for a moisturizing shampoo. Feel like you’re a bit of a grease ball most days? Opt for an oil-control type instead.

Ask our barbers for beard shampoo recommendations. You’ll thank us later.

Trim Regularly

But not too much. Or too often.

Let’s say it together: beard upkeep requires regular trimming. If you’re noticing that your beard is frizzy, you might have a few split ends hanging around. One way to stop split ends in your beard is by regularly trimming your beard.

But, as Tribe member Jordan reminds us, “don’t trim too far into the neckline, because it can really thin out your beard – more than you’ll want.” 

Why not just leave it to our pros, then, eh? We always recommend letting our pro barber get the job done for you.

Beard Oil is Your Buddy

Beard oil isn’t your bud yet? It’s time you two met. You’re the perfect combo. Like PB&J. Or like Harry and Lloyd.

Beard oil will level up your beard game. Say so long, sucka, to a frizzy, unkempt beard and hello to good beard grooming.

Don’t Be Scared to Style It

Blow drying, straightening, brushing, and other styling techniques can help tame your facial hair into submission and get beard hair to lay down in the same direction.

But before you apply heat , protect your beard from split ends with heat protectant products. 

Beard oil, beard balm, and beard hair protectant spray protect your well-kept beard from becoming dry, brittle, and full of split ends. Oh, and it’ll help lock in that good beard day for, well, days.

Give ‘er a Little Love

Go ahead and let your beard do the talking. Now that you understand proper beard care, you’re well on your way to a great beard day everyday.

Oh, and don’t be surprised at how many people will ask to touch it – cause a well-maintained beard is that dapper.

Need some help with your beard care routine? Hit us up and we’ll walk you through some damn proper beard techniques to fuel your beard.

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