Our salon is built upon knowing that the foundation of every great service provider begins with proper training and continued education! As service providers at Shannon Aleksandr’s, we hold our work to the highest standard and believe great services come from continuing our education. Training does not end after completing school!

We’ve chosen to highlight our hairstylists, and give you a few reasons why we continue education with them.

Our industry changes…all the time.

New styling techniques, new products, new equipment, new trends, and more continue to evolve in our world. To benefit our guests and better serve our customers, we want to evolve with the times. If you walked into a hair salon in the 80s, chances are you were looking to get a perm. Today, you’re probably wondering how to get the perfect beach wave look! Both of these looks require completely different products, techniques, and equipment. There have even been changes made just in the last five years on coloring techniques (and beyond). We want to give our Tribe the opportunity to adapt like professionals!

Continuing education expands a stylist’s career.

One day you wake up after 10 years of getting the same blonde highlights and decide you need a major life change. You just really want to try a glossy brunette chopped cut after you saw it on Pinterest. To make such a big decision, you want your trusty stylist of 10 years to be able to make this happen for you! This is where continued education comes in handy for your stylist. Our tribe members are well-rounded professionals who can change up a routine successfully with confidence because they’re educated on it. Our tribe members should be able to jump from hairstyle to hairstyle with ease whether it’s cuts or color. Not a problem!

It creates obvious professionals in the industry.

We really believe that continuing education makes a difference in a salon as a whole. A guest can tell the difference in their experience with a salon who keeps up to date on the latest and greatest, and a salon who doesn’t. Treating yourself to a salon or spa day should be a relaxing experience! You shouldn’t ever be worried if your hair will turn out how you want it or how your skin will react to products in the spa. Continued education creates professionals you can have confidence in!

So, if you decide you want to try out bangs and regretfully cut them yourself at 1 AM or just simply want a spa escape from your everyday life, you can have total trust in the experience with our salon. We value continued education because we value the best care for our people!

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