Finally, on day 5698, you are actually allowed to leave your house again. You can actually do things again, anything! We know you’ve made a hundred different plans for this summer while you waited to see the daylight, and we have just the right pedicure & sandal combo for whatever plans you’ve got. 😉

Here are our top four favorite sandal trends for summer, where you should wear them, and what kind of OPI pedicure goes with it!

Espadrilles – Brunch

Okay so you’ve probably seen the espadrille trend start popping up last year. Well guess what, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. It’s everywhere; sandals, wedges, sneakers, you name it. It gives the cutest touch of casual chic to any outfit! Picture this: you’re headed to drink bottomless mimosas at brunch wearing white jeans (pretty daring decision of you to be wearing white jeans but just go with it) and you’ve got these puppies on by Steve Madden CICI NUDE LEATHER. Everyone is complimenting your wedges when they notice your pedicure…bright cherry red. YAS GIRL!

Strappy – Date Night

Strappy sandals are making a bigger comeback than hair scrunchies. There’s just something about a strappy pair of heels that seem so desirable even though you know at the end of the night your feet are going to have serious indentations on them. You will wear them anyway because you do not care if your feet look like unwrapped mummies. A little neutral colored dress from your favorite boutique would look great paired with these heels by Marc Fisher Jared Block Heel Strappy Sandal. You decide you want to change up your normal pedicure color with something new because you want your date to believe that you’re different from the rest. You’re quirky. A one of a kind girl. Pick a denim blue color because that’s trending and he’d never guess you’d pick that color…now you have him right where you want him.

Platform – Girls’ Night Out

Your best friend just broke up with her boyfriend after being quarantined with him for weeks and you haven’t seen a bartop in what feels like a decade. For whatever reason, you decide you want to wear your tallest pair of heels for this legendary GNO. You do not mind at all if you completely break both ankles, in fact you’re actually looking forward to it. This kind of night could be a professional sport and Steve Madden made these platforms for this exact occasion HOLLYN GOLD LEATHER. Since you’re already going with an outfit that’s pretty ris-que, you can most definitely tone it back on the pedicure choice. Going with a pearly, iridescent color is perfect. This color shade keeps it classy, and you’ll feel even more like Carrie Bradshaw when you order that first cosmopolitan.

Animal Prints – Vacation

Animal prints are just really in style right now, and we can’t blame Joe Exotic for this one. Cheetah print, snake print, leopard print – it’s all adorable. Printed sandals are the greatest go-to vacation shoe choice because it’s fun and something you may not get to wear for any ole occasion. Dolce Vita nailed it with these: NOOR WEDGES IN LEOPARD MULTI CALF HAIR. A vacation pedicure color that would pair well with animal print, and the other 50 outfit choices you pack for a 5 day trip, is mauve! Shades of pink have always been around in the nail polish world because it honestly looks good with everything. Mauve is just the cooler, younger sister version of the basic pink original.

No matter the plans you’ve schemed up while being a prisoner in your own home, we can give you the pedicure to match. Justify your new shoe purchase by telling yourself you are stimulating the economy, then come visit our spa for the experience your feet deserve before slipping into those new beauties!

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