Wedding season is coming, it’s time to prepare yourself. Summer of 2020 is about to be the biggest wedding season ever! Brides are postponing their spring weddings into summer because well you know, ‘rona, in addition to the O.G. summer brides getting married. Whether you are a bride preparing for her wedding in the midst of chaos or a bride frantically replanning a wedding that has been moved, you still deserve the best self care because all craziness aside you are actually getting married!

Girl, treat yo’self! Here are our best spa treatments leading up to your big day you won’t want to forget to do.

FacialsWedding planning is stressful enough and life still decides to throw a global pandemic curveball at you. Let us guess, you’re wearing your stress on your skin.. That’s okay! Facials can be a great way to rejuvenate, hydrate, and tone your face to capture the bridal glow you’re looking for. Eminence Organic Skin Line has products we can’t get enough of! We know you will feel the same when you see that all na-tu-ral look. 😉

Check out our facial services to find the one that suits your needs best: Spa Services

Tip: We advise coming in for a facial a few weeks before your wedding date so you can see how your skin responds before scheduling another closer to the day. Hashtag pamper amiright?

Wax Bar Global pandemic or not let’s face it, you were going to get a wax before your big day anyway. So just relax and let our wax whisperers do their job (which is a darn good job by the way). Whether you want your brows, legs, or the whole shabang, professionalism and comfort are not overlooked! Our wax whisperers can do as little or as much as you’d like to feel your most confident on your w̶e̶d̶d̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶d̶a̶y̶  honeymoon.

Tip: Do not schedule a wax the day of your wedding. Just…just don’t.

MassagesAs Nike would say, “Just do it.” Get that massage, girl! After months of staying inside your house probably on the couch panicking in your pajamas, you deserve a massage. In fact, probably everyone deserves one so invite your bridesmaids! Well, maybe just your maid-of-honor… She probably deserves it the most since she’s been listening to your daily breakdowns for weeks about how the coronavirus is affecting your wedding. Let her pick one out and you can #GirlsDay together! Spa Services

NailsThere’s just something about a woman with her nails and toenails done that makes her feel like she can conquer the world, and if you can conquer the world, you can most definitely conquer your wedding. Enough said. Bring yourself and your “Wedding Day Nails” Pinterest board. We know you have that Pinterest board ready, but if you don’t, here’s some inspo from theKnot: Wedding Nail Designs for a Bridal Manicure in 2020. We will take care of the rest!

Sometimes in life you have to relax and let go of what you cannot control. We want to make our salon and spa a destination for you to do that! Here’s to all of the 2020 brides, may you live happily ever after even if you chose to spontaneously get hitched at the courthouse wearing a medical mask this summer (of course doing so looking fabulous as ever with your fresh wax and manicured nails). *clinks the whole bottle of champagne*

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