Ashley would love to spend every day working on blondes, but in reality, she’d miss dipping her feet into a little bit of everything – highlights, dimension, cutting, balayage – you name it.

But what she loves most about her work is that every day is new. Getting to know her guests, their stories, their travels, and making them look and feel fab never gets boring.

It makes sense. She is engaging, well-traveled and as easy going as they come. That she genuinely cares about her guests, their hair and her coworkers is an understatement.

While she’s a self-proclaimed homebody who jumps at the opportunity to soak in an agenda-free day, she’s also an avid traveler who appreciates an off-grid camping trip when time permits. Up next? She has her sights set on international adventures when she can steal away the vacay.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention what was likely her first love, and still an extension of who she is today: music. That, and the fact that it’s no secret, she’d replace her entire food pyramid with chocolate and candy if she could get away with it.

If you’ve found your way into Eric’s chair, consider yourself lucky.

There is something truly magical about his spirit that emanates these perpetually youthful yet deeply mature, knowing and wise vibes. I mean, come on, how could anyone resist that?

His background in public relations brings a unique perspective to the industry, and it totally reflects in his work. From free and organic styles to meticulous and structured cuts, he deeply reveres the art and skilled discipline it takes to pick up hair and know exactly what it’s going to do when he starts working his magic.

As a self-professed wine connoisseur, on any given day you might find him kicked back with his husband and pups, a delectable glass of the driest white in hand, binge-watching a show or devouring a new novel. However, if it’s in the summertime, you’re more likely to find him cruising around in his jeep. He loves traveling and getting lost in time with the top-down, pups and husband still right by his side.

A confident stylist who understands cutting principles and delivers the freshest styles and latest trends, every time? Um, yes, please!

One of the most admirable characteristics in Kabrea is her drive and work ethic. She combined her passion for making others feel beautiful and her love for dressing up, playing with makeup and hair into a career in cosmetology. She’s lived in different cities, worked other careers, but nothing else has ever made her feel quite as at home as being a cosmetologist.

When it comes to hair, a good “project” really gets her adrenaline and creative juices flowing. She appreciates a challenge; anything out of the ordinary that involves art, skill, efficiency – or an unusual request one wouldn’t see every day.

She’s a perfectionist, but is mastering the art of pulling off a finished look while intimately distributing her time and energy to her clients.

Anyone who knows her would agree she’s a neat-freak, however, she feeds her spontaneity by wandering and playing outdoors, attending a good basketball game (GO UK!) and taking impromptu drives with no destination. We can’t complain she ended up here – and we don’t think you will either.

We’re here to tell ya, if you end up in Montana’s chair, you’re in the right place.

She does knockout hair, crafting those specialty, low maintenance, but beautifully organic natural looks that create a unique style for each of her guests. However, up-dos were (and remain) her first love.

She’s a sucker for big transformations, and tries to have fun with them – creating a “big reveal” moment for her clients. But what she really loves about them, is how they make her guest feel happy with their hair again. It’s the most wonderful feeling for her, and why she got in the industry.

Her idea of relaxation includes playing video games, eating snacks, building legos and binging on taco bell.

Montana’s dream is to become a Redken Artist. Building up other stylists, teaching, sharing techniques and helping and coaching are her short, and long-term goals.

Be ready to bond, maybe even receive a little hair and color theory 101 and most importantly – leave with killer hair.

JD has been a member of the SAS family since the salon’s inception, so it should come as no surprise that along with extensive experience, he’s also become a top educator for the salon.

JD is sort of a ‘no excuses, get it done’ type of guy. His work ethic is transparent, but he’s still an open book. He’s always there for his coworkers and eager to help with every need. Above anything else, education and customer service drives him.

Watching others grow, teaching and seeing the salon’s stylists transform is where he thrives.

While he is intensely invested in his work and being an educator-this guy knows how to unwind. He’s a wild good time, loves a good old fashioned grey goose cocktail and any opportunity to turn it all off and binge watch a good Netflix series, with his three doggies: a King Charles, a Papillon and a Teacup Chihuahua. Does it get any cuter than that?

We’re not mad that he loves having breakfast for dinner, either. Actually, can we come over?