Hi there! Yep, it’s really us…reopening!! We can’t believe the time has come! We’ve missed our beautiful guests and life surrounding all things hair, skin, and nails probably as much as you’ve missed getting them done! We wanted to take some time to explain what is the new normal (for now) here at the salon and spa! Yeah, yeah… We understand you’ve probably heard about a million other businesses’ opening strategies recently. We just want to ensure that everyone feels safe and secure knowing what we are doing to keep our guests and tribe members happy and healthy! We are SO ready to allow our space to be a destination to escape the outside world for a little while, even if it is a little different.

First things first, we’re cleaning and sanitizing (it’s always been a forte of ours, but we’ve kicked it up a notch)! All of our tribe members have been certified in an infection control course so we can guarantee that our salon and spa is getting properly cleaned, every time. Just add Level 10 Expert Sanitizer to the end of every Service Providers’ name. 😉

In addition to the extra cleaning, all service providers will be required to wear a mask. We will also be requiring all service providers to have a contactless temperature check before each shift. Our expectations are set high for our tribe members to not only take care of themselves but all others around them!

We are working hard to keep our guests safe, so we expect our guests to contribute to safety as well. Appointments will be required for any service to ensure the work areas are sanitized and cleaned, ready to go, and the number of guests in the salon is regulated. We will be providing 50+ sanitizing stations with hospital grade sanitizer, so please sanitize your hands when entering the salon. We are requiring guests to also wear a facial mask, nope not the kind of facial mask that rejuvenates your skin. 😉 We are talking about the kind that will keep you, our tribe, and other guests safe! We have extra facial masks available if needed. At this time, we are only allowing guests who are receiving a service to be in the salon.

The six feet apart thing is still very relevant! We have dividers in place between all stations that are not 6’ apart. We have also placed plexiglass dividers at the manicure stations and shampoo bowls.  

In order to be able to provide hand sanitizers, plexiglass dividers, facial masks, and more to our salon, there will be a temporary $3 surcharge on all service tickets. We wish we could say that the coronavirus is like a popular hair trend that came and went in one season, but unfortunately it’s not! We are taking this matter as seriously as it truly is. We want our salon and spa to still be your beauty destination where you can go and relax, while still being as safe as possible.

We appreciate all your support that has been shown over the past few months! We can feel the love pouring through, and can’t wait to give it back through your hair, skin, and nails! *hugs from afar*

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