Level 1 stylist, Cutting-queen, Milk chocolate connoisseur, Yogi (specifically 90’s yoga vids), Caring & Understanding in nature

A great stylist truly cares about and understands a guest’s wants and needs.

Abby completed her associate program with Level 4AA stylist, Racheal Truitt. She has gained an unmatched confidence. A valuable lesson she’s learned has been in helping keep another person on time, on-track and organized; a trait that will undoubtedly translate to seamlessly managing her own guests. When cutting, she becomes penetratingly detail-oriented and absorbed, exceling at the craft. Her inclination to listen and truly deliver to guests’ needs easily sets her apart from others.

The low down on Abby: she can’t live without her black Cocker Spaniel, Zoey. She said, “I do,” at age 22. She and her husband enjoy hiking and traveling together. Her grandmother is her b.f.f., and although maaaaaybe a bit biased, she thinks Abby is the ultimate sweetheart. We can’t really deny it. She’s intensely dedicated to her guests and their happiness, is openly sensitive to others’ and can’t bear to fail any expectations. She’s finely in tune with her own character.

Although a fresh face around the salon, Abby is hard working, and beloved by her SAS family.

One thing she isn’t divulging: aside from a perfect haircut, she gives a killer brow wax.

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