Level 3 Stylist, Hair-Smoothing Enthusiast, Quirky, Whimsical, Homebody

Alexandra has always been “artsy:” obsessed with makeup – especially drag makeup – old black and white musicals and antiquing. As the baby in her family, she’s also had a fairly carefree attitude toward life.

When she won an award in high school (“most-friendly), but still hadn’t decided what she wanted to be when she grew up, her dad offered his opinion: why not be a hairstylist, and tap into her love of art, makeup, style, and of course, people?

However, she wasn’t convinced. It wasn’t until she realized Fran, from her favorite show “The Nanny,” was a hairdresser, that she was convinced. And let’s be honest, what teenager is ever actually listening to their parents?

As it turns out, her dad wasn’t wrong. She’s become obsessed with the atmosphere at Shannon Aleksandr’s Salon; particularly the devotion to continuing education, professionalism and even cleanliness. All of these characteristics are what she says sets the salon apart from everywhere else.

Her passion for the craft falls in doing a good color, and her favorite style to cut is a pixie. Her personal goals: staying out of her comfort zone, and always keeping a fresh perspective on all things hair.

If she weren’t doing hair, she’d open her own movie theatre: part drive-in showing old black and white films, and a the theater showing the latest releases, or working with the Evansville Historic District and tapping into her curiosity for history, design and architecture.

We don’t want her to quit her day job any time soon – but we’d totally be on board for that part drive-in, part theatre experience.

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