Level 2 Licensed Massage Therapist, People Fixer, Melomaniac, All things Alfresco

Amy’s passion for fixing people through massage is indubitable. Having come from a medical background (her mother is a nurse, and she got her start working with a physical therapist in massage school, and another one just out of school), she naturally gravitates toward the medical benefits of massage therapy.

Give this woman some CBD oil and a massage table, and you’ll get the deep tissue massage your muscles and kinks have been begging you for. It’s about modalities folks; reading her client and listening to their needs – and sometimes anticipating those on her own! She’s that good.

Family – her parents and siblings, her fiancé, children, step-children and grandchildren make her world go round. You’d be hard up to catch her when she isn’t jamming out or singing along to a favorite tune – everything from 90s hits to hard core hip hop.

When not fixing people, she loves being outdoors, working in the yard and gardening. It’s a tough call if we’d rather be somewhere outside jamming out with her, or her next guest on her massage table

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