Level 1 Esthetician, Crafty, Punctual, Empathetic, Driven, People-Lover 

First and foremost: Andrea is a people person, and she always has been. Maybe thats what makes her such a great esthetician.

Shes been in some aspect of the service industry throughout her professional career and what she loves most about it is the connections she makes with the people she meets.

Learning about their lives, their partners, their children – all the moments that challenge and excite them – and being a positive impact in their story carries a lot of meaning to Andrea.

While she loves a good HydraFacial (rejuvenates the skin, supports lymphatic drainage among other killer benefits!), what she truly cares about is you and your skincare goals!

Whether youre just getting started with your skincare journey, or simply looking for some pampered relaxation or have a multi-step routine in place – shes all about communication, alignment and helping you achieve the results you desire!

Outside of work, Andrea is a hands-on mom and super family oriented. Its not uncommon to find her spending her free time enjoying a fun game night with her significant other and her kids, gathering with her parents and siblings for a family dinner or getting away for a large family vacay!

A few things you can bank on when you book with Andrea:

  1. Youll be in the hands of an uber-compassionate esthetician that actually swears by the same products shes using on you!
  2. The environment and her approach is 100% judgment free – she knows how to help you achieve your goals and you can trust thats her hyper focus.
  3. She cant stand to let anyone down, and that translates to work. Shes driven – and always looking to learn more to improve in her craft!

Youre already booking your next appointment, arent you? Yeah, we dont blame ya 🙂  

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