Level I Stylist, Honest, Ambitious, Avant-Garde, Bronzer + Eyebrow Queen

If you find yourself taken aback by Audrey’s “lewk” and beauty, join the club. Just wait ’til you get to know her personality. She’s stylish and could never deny her love of makeup (especially bronzer!), she emanates a “forever young at heart” vibe. Still, there are depths to this girl’s soul worth getting to know.

What does this mean to you as her guest, you ask?

Exceptional service and professionalism from a cosmetologist with an insatiable voracity to evolve and grow every day in her career. That, and she’s just downright great company: an empathetic listener who genuinely cares about the people she works with and the clients who choose her chair.   

While coloring comes naturally (she loves to paint and do crafts), she’s puts in the personal work and education hours to become the killer haircutter she aspires to be. She will have your eyebrows on complete fleek, and if you’re wanting to go blonde, it will definitely be more fun with Audrey laying the foils!

Want to join Audrey at Shannon Aleksandr?
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