Level 1 Stylist, Naturally Talented, Perceptive, Hairspray Obsessed, Updo Master

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The first thing Brook wants you all to know: hairspray makes everything better. You want big hair? Hairspray. Want to keep everything in place? Hairspray.

She has a deep respect for the classic (and technical) art of cutting hair, applying a beautiful balayage and creating the perfect updo for a person’s special moments and occasions.

In fact, she’s been in the game since she was about 4 years old, when her mom bought her a play set to practice her skills on her dolls. When she mastered this, her grandma became her first client, and she’s known she’d be a cosmetologist ever since.

When she’s not doing what she’s always loved – hair – she’s likely with family and friends (and her teacup Yorkie!) boating, or binge-ing as many Netflix series she can in a week. Her record is 5 to date!

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