Level 3 Stylist, Hellooooo Reds!, Texture and Grit Lover, Amateur Sleuth, Shameless Gourmand

Even though she has always gravitated toward doing hair and makeup, it wasn’t until Brooke was pregnant with her son that destiny (and pregnancy emotions) hit her like a bag of bricks.

How would she justify telling her son later to follow his dreams later in life if she didn’t follow hers?

The rest is history. She’s all-in and can be counted on to create big, dramatic changes and transformations, up-dos and flawless makeup, and ensuring redheads don’t ever go extinct.

The title of her favorite podcast is True Crime Obsessed, which is hosted by a gay man and a sassy girl from Jersey, who Brooke claims were both past lives of hers. We cannot confirm or deny, but we know this: she’s fun-spirited, full of surprises, and easily relatable.

While her vibrance reflects equally in her work and personality, she possesses a very mature perspective to life and lives by the motto that more people (especially inthis industry) should listen fiercely and talk less.

Oh, and she has a werewolf cat. Lykoi. It’s real. Look it up.

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