Shareholder, Educator, Level 4AA stylist, Blowout extraordinaire, SAS Veteran

If this woman doesn’t blow you away (both in personality and with a blow-dryer), we’re just not sure what will.

More than anything, Emily is passionate about making her clients feel extraordinarily beautiful. She’s personally invested. The struggles she faced being bullied as a child empowered her to always find beauty within herself, igniting her devotion to giving others the same power.

She loves a good challenge, and is no stranger to continuing education. As an educator, she tries to stay one step ahead of the “latest trends” game.

Adam, her husband, is her rock and she’s real fond of her two sons, Oliver and Henry. They are “everything wild.”

A good winery is never a bad idea in her book, but don’t be surprised if you catch her with a glass of Guinness on a cold winter’s night.

In a past life, she was most likely a Broadway star, but in this life she actually did try out for a show while in New York, during college. Which one? Hairspray. Go figure. While she didn’t quite make the cut, we’re sure glad she found another use for hairspray.

After ten years as a part of the Shannon Aleksandr’s family, she is content in her career and now focuses on helping her coworkers grow and succeed.

Her veteran advice: stay humble and never assume you know it all.

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