Level I Stylist, Volume Obsessed, Base color Boss, Dog Mom/Advocate, Selfless

Hannah’s mom adopted her from Kazakhstan when she was just six months old. Growing up, Hannah’s hairdresser-aunt let her help apply color on guests. She spent time around the industry, ultimately falling in love with it.

Her hunger to be in the know when it comes to hair trends and new techniques have shaped her into a perpetual student of this industry. She enjoys the simplicity of applying base color just as much as she does the details and intricacies of creating balayage and gorgeous, natural highlights. And in the meantime, she is on a mission to master the art of cutting.

Family, friends and dogs are the centers of her universe, and hiking, walking, swimming and exploring the outdoors (with one, or all of the above) shape her weekly routine.

You can count on Hannah to always be learning, growing and evolving, which means every session in her chair will only get better. Who doesn’t want to sign up for that treatment?

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