Level 5 stylist, Keratin certified, Balayage lover and aspiring creative colorist, Easy-going

I’ve always wanted to be a stylist.

First things first.

“I’ve always wanted to be a stylist.” Hannah has an instinctive will to learn new things. She’s always listening and is extremely passionate about this industry. She’s never wanted to be anything else. She’s got a sensationally light spirit, but takes her work as a stylist seriously. Her favorite class to-date has been a Pravana Vivid class, specializing in spunky colors like pinks and purples.

When we asked Hannah three things she couldn’t live without she said:

  1. lipstick
  2. Roxie Hart (it’s her dog and she’s a Lab and German Shepherd mix) and
  3. music.

She’s a concert enthusiast and enjoys traveling. However, she maaaaay have forgotten one important thing: her husband Brandon. She’s completely smitten with him. They enjoy going to farmer’s markets in search of artisan crafts, fresh flowers and old records. They specifically appreciate the small-town friendly vibes.

She’s sassy and represents everything feminine. Think: shopping, glitter, playing dress up, jewelry and makeup. We dig her style and think you will too.

And in case you’re wondering, her favorite product is Powder Grip. Because instant volume and texture, duuuuh.

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