Front Desk Coordinator, Conversationalist, Woman of her Word, Caring

Jamia is outgoing with an upbeat spirit and energetic demeanor. Her efforts to get to know each and every guest are sincere – so don’t be shy. Say hi, and strike up a conversation – even just to let her know how your day is going. She makes it a point to be warm, approachable and engaging. We all need a little of that in our lives.

Jamia lives with her grandma, who is her rock, and her cat, who she says she can’t live without.

Her guilty pleasures include her obsession with her phone, Grey’s Anatomy and her love of sushi bowls – especially from fresh market. Ask her about them – she will have you obsessing as well.

She loves playing video games, wearing (and doing make up) and travels to Seattle every year, where she explores wine bars. Sweets are her favorite – red and white – she doesn’t discriminate!

Look for her in the spa in the future – she’s pursuing esthetics soon, and will help create spa magic when she’s finished.

If you can’t tell by now, Jamia is our jam.

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