Level 3 Esthetician, Trustworthy, Endearing, Vivacious

Jamia’s interest in skin and skincare runs deep – from the products to the ingredients – she has a natural passion for esthetics. Having battled (and tackled) her own skincare obstacles, she knows a thing or two from experience as well. On the service side of things – educating others, while helping them feel more beautiful (and quite literally comfortable in their own skin!) is what she loves most about this career.

She’s outgoing, but sincere. Upbeat and energetic, while calming and soothing. She makes it a point to be warm, approachable and engaging – and when you come to see her you will feel how every detail of your service is about you, her guest. This is by design.

She lives with her kitty cat and her grandma, who is her rock. She’s Netflix obsessed, and since we’re here, add her tweezers (nothing like some good eyebrows!) and wearing (and doing) makeup to the list.

She’s a sucker for a good glass of red wine and loves taking herself to dinner. Treat yo’self has never been more real.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, Jamia is our jam.

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