Level 1 Stylist, Passionate, People Lover, Mantra: Dessert before Dinner

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You know that saying ‘third time’s the charm?’

Well Jessica is our charm then. She was around way back when we first opened our doors, and has come and gone again having moved away, and taken the time to start a beautiful family and rock out at a different full time job: stay-at-home mama.

Now she’s back, and here to stay, and we’ve never forgotten how much we adore her laid back and insightful passion for pampering and people pleasing – and she hasn’t lost her touch.

Special occasion hair and creating the perfectly timeless bob are cosmetology faves, but she can really do it all: the sleek and chic and the edgy and cool. The most important thing to her is that guests in her chair are well taken care of.

Her own personal self-care regimen? Soaking in a hot bath, indulging in a pedicure or unwinding with some good old fashioned Bravo TV.

Her not-so-private mantra: Dessert before dinner, like a warm chocolate chip cookie with a glass of ice cold milk.

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