Level 4 stylist, Sunshine addict, Sweet tooth, Education devotee

Kelly brings a unique perspective to the Shannon’s family. She’s from a town in Indiana with a population of just over 700. She is the second oldest of seven siblings and is strongly invested in good family vibes, a recurring feeling amongst our staff.

She is keen on keeping her technical skills up-to-date and appreciates all things education, but what she thinks makes a great stylist is personality. She wants all of her guests to feel involved, appreciated and respected, like family, a characteristic that can no doubt be attributed to her small town roots and upbringing. Her sense of humor is her best trait, and making people laugh comes naturally.

She aspires to pack up and drive cross-country with her husband, exploring the United States and places like the Redwood Forest, but doesn’t miss an opportunity to unwind. She enjoys vegging out, binge watching television and sleeping in.

She definitely marches to the beat of her own drum, and is most likely doing so barefoot.

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