Level I Stylist, Foil Fanatic, Dimension, Depth & Dreamy Details, Head Massage Extraordinaire, Entertaining, Straight Shooter

Whoever said the devil is in the details hadn’t met Leah. From makeup to hair, she covers all the bases and has a personality that will keep you highly amused from start to finish. When it comes to hair, think gorgeous color, perfectly placed highlights and deeply dimensional hand-painted locks.

She doesn’t easily rattle, thrives on structure and can be trusted to educate you on making healthy hair decisions  – and how to keep it that way. She’s also not shy about shaking things up if that’s your cup of tea!

Expect 110% from Leah at all times. Not simply because loves her job, but because she’s out to give Sleeping Beauty a run for her money. She refuses anything less than 8 hours every night which keeps her energy, mind and attitude bright and fresh!

Easy going and a great listener, Leah has a knack for making guests feel right at home.

So, come on in.

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