Level 3 Nail Technician, Animal Lover, Free Spirit, Empowering, Serene, Artistic

If you’re looking for some zen time – to unplug, unwind and forget about the outside world, you’ve come to the right chair. 

If chatting and bonding is more your style, Lydia makes it a point to make those connections with her clients as well. That’s her thing: creating and providing you with the exact experience and atmosphere you’re looking for – not to mention giving you taking care of your skin and nails while she’s at it.

An almost-ballerina (she did ballet for 15 years, and almost went to Juilliard!), with an old soul Lydia is neat, clean and organized. She also has an adventurous and creative side. Her vibe is heavy on the selfless side, and she strives to understand her clients and give them the experience they want every time.

Her secret talent? While she wishes it were the ability to fly or be invisible, when it comes to hair, skin and makeup it’s all about individualism and self-expression. She wants her clients leaving the salon feeling as confident and gorgeous as she sees them and every bit of relaxed!

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