Level 2 Stylist, Hair-Obsessed, Balayage & Highlights Aficionado, Caring, Supportive, Thoughtful 

When Maddie was just three years old she told her mom that when she grew up, she wanted to be a hairstylist.

Then, she went upstairs and performed a cut on her very first client: herself. It was a bob, with very uneven bangs. What can we say? When you know you know, and the time to make sure everyone understands you mean business is at the ripe age of three!

Jokes aside, she never lost her love of doing hair and as she got older always found herself practicing on her friends and even playing with their hair for fun.

So, when she was finally old enough she decided to make things officially official and become a licensed cosmetologist. The rest is history!

Having discovered her purpose at such an early age in life, Maddie has an unmatched passion for doing hair, learning new techniques and building her business. She is especially tuned in when it comes to supporting others in their craft as well.

She embraces the beloved art of balayage and highlights, believing that no canvas is the same – making everyone who leaves her chair looking and feeling distinct and distinguished!

In her free time, she soaks in her freedom and independence hanging out with her pups, shopping, and jamming out to Justin Bieber. Dont act like youre not also a Belieber!

While she still possesses that flare from her rebellious three year-old self (ice cream for dinner anyone?) – moreover, shes grown into an extremely kind, thoughtful and driven woman and stylist.

And the best part? Shes doing what shes always loved and bringing that big energy to each and every guest that sits in her chair, meaning you’re in for a major treat when you book with Maddie.  

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