Front Desk Coordinator, Patient, Endearing, Delightfully Tongue-In-Cheek, Foodie, Rom Com Lover

Originally from Michigan City, Indiana, Mallory moved to Evansville to be closer to family, joined the Shannon Aleksandr’s tribe shortly after and is now keeping our lives in line as front desk coordinator. Her resume is an impressive list of everything it takes to blow your hair back and accommodate your every need from maturity and professionalism to a selflessness and a dedication for going out of her way to make guests happy. These are just the bear necessities.

Her dedication to her work and willingness to take care of others doesn’t stop her from partaking in a good party – where she would likely be found with a vodka infused libation in hand – and makes it a point to always celebrate the little things in life.

Still, there’s nothing more beautifully simplistic than a fresh, clean set of sheets, staying up late, sleeping in and binge-watching television snuggled up with her wife and pup.

Stay tuned for additional chapters to this one’s story. She plans on starting a food truck that features Mexican (TACOS!) and Lebanese food. Taco Tuesday every day is the new life motto.   

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