Level 1 Stylist, Forward-thinking, Honest, Balayage Savant, Perfectionist, Determined 

If there is one thing you can be sure of if you’re lucky enough to have Marisa at your stylist is this: she will not let you down. To her, it’s simply not in question. In fact, our favorite thing about her personal touch is that she likes to tell her guests what she’s doing and why as she goes along which usually leaves them feeling more confident and happier.

She means serious business when it comes to her cosmetology career, which means you, her guest, are her highest priority. It’s exactly why she chose a summit salon – a place where she could build a long-lasting career, work with great colleagues, and always be learning. Guess who also reaps the benefits of her pursuing all that knowledge: YOU!

When she isn’t taking care of guests, she’s likely spending time with her high school sweetheart and their dog, or cleaning, organizing, and tidying!

Psst, we almost forgot. Marisa wants to let you in on a little secret: brunettes have more fun! At least they do when they’re in her chair! While she has a knack for coloring in general from balayage to color correction – Marisa has a special touch when it comes to all shades of brunettes.

Still, if there is one thing Marisa could choose to be remembered by it’s not the balayage, the scalp massages or even the friendships she intentionally builds along the way. It’s her desire to help people and leave a lasting impact on their lives.

So, when she says her personal motto is to under promise and overdeliver, well, she really means it. In a BIG way.  

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