Level 2 stylist, Redken Master Specialist, Goofball, All about natural hair coloring

Megan’s guests are where she is most invested. Period. She enjoys satisfying her guests’ desires, while educating them about their hair dreams. Making people smile and feel good is something she says comes naturally to her. While a great listener, experience, education and knowledge have lent her a lot of great ideas of her own. She’s personable and willing to go above and beyond for her guests: that’s her word.

Wellness is immensely important to her. Her wellness routes include health and fitness. It’s no secret she’s a gym-rat, one with a major aversion to cardio. Fun Fact: she is a nationally qualified NPC bikini body-builder.

She’s got two (delicious) vices: blueberries and cocoa covered almonds. Traveling is something she’s been fortunate to do and she’s always looking for her next adventure. Next up? Her sights are set on Europe or the West Coast.

As far as her role in the SAS family goes: she’s efficient. A team player. And always willing to do whatever it takes to help out.

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