Level 3 Stylist, Foils Fanatic, Plant Queen, Undercover Comedian, Cheeky, Small - But Total Package

If we ever meet a more total package, we’ll let you know. Highly doubtful.

On the one hand, Olivia embodies youthful humor with a charming sass, some serious ambition when it comes to her career, and natural artistic talent. On the other, she could be likened to your favorite grandma, knitting you a scarf on a rainy day and watering her plants like clockwork. Seriously. Every Friday.

Time spent living and working in Chicago has significantly shaped many of these things. As it turns out, she’s not a desk job kind of girl, and aren’t we lucky? Her love for the industry, skill and work ethic may as well have been made for behind-the-chair.

Her Yorkie, caffeine and a solid workout are what keep her going. Sprinkle in brunch, mimosas and kindness, and you’re speaking her language.

She’s cool. She’s funny. She’s a joy to be around. Her energy is contagious and will lift your mood. But she’s equally insightful and perceptive, curious and dedicated, deliberate and confident.

The exact kind of person you want cutting and styling your hair if you ask us.

Did we mention the plants?

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