Level 4 stylist, Keratin certified, Red Carpet hair, Caffeine junkie, loves trying new things, knowledgeable

I’m more W and Vogue than Cosmopolitan, as far as hair color goes.

Randy’s forte is coloring hair. But understand this: he isn’t avant-garde. He makes hair look shiny, healthy and naturally pretty, the way one would see it on a red carpet. He enjoys an open conversation educating his guests on what is realistic for them in achieving their hair goals, as well as ways to keep the hair healthy in the meantime.

He attended the bi-annual Symposium in Las Vegas in 2014, the largest educational event in the industry, taking classes for three days. Education is something that’s always come naturally to him. He keeps a mental toolbox full of knowledge and stays up at night reading blogs, taking notes and researching trends and techniques.

If you’re not immediately enraptured with his upbeat attitude and inviting personality, we’d be surprised. We’re drawn to him, like a moth to a flame.

He needs coffee, his dog, Luke, Blue Moon and hot yoga to survive. He loves any opportunity to be outdoors: boating, climbing trees and walking Luke.

In his spare time he’s basically Paula Deen. Originally from Tennessee, he makes all the southern favorites: okra, dumplings, anything with Crisco and grease and drools over some good fried chicken.

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