Level 2 stylist, Finishing & Up-do specialist, Espresso lover, all about jam-bands, Intent listener

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Education, all the time.

At Level 1, Rebekah is taking full advantage of the opportunities to learn and grow as a stylist. The associate program is what brought her to SAS, and she found it to be a perfect fit. Her favorite method to seek education and advice are the senior stylists she surrounds herself with every day at SAS. They are an inspiration, and an excellent asset to have as a network, right at home. Aside from the senior stylists on staff, many educational opportunities and classes are offered at the salon, a common theme you may hear again and again from our stylists. They never stop learning the latest styles, products and techniques.

One thing she loves about her current schedule is having the extra time to sit with clients and discuss products, styles and build solid relationships. “At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is if the client is satisfied.”

Warning: She rescued her dog, a lab/pitt mix, Ozzy, and may sometimes refer to him as if he is her child. Not to be confused, he’s a fur baby.

“I feel like I’ve been an adult since I was 14.” Rebekah is mature, laid back and a bit of an old soul. She likes staying up late, enjoying her coffee in the mornings and listening to music to get her day started.

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