Level 1 Stylist, Curly Hair Queen, Dimension Specialist, Brunette-lover, Dreamer, Doer

Okay, dont take this the wrong way.

Sydney fully supports the whole blondes have more fun” movement – buuuuuut – can we talk about the art of expertly adding the perfect amount of dimension to dark hair/brunettes?! Sydneys sweet spot has entered the chat!

As early as high school Sydney knew she would become a cosmetologist. In fact, her secret ambition was to become Kim Ks personal beautician. A stylist to the stars – can you imagine? While shes skilled at it all – cutting, blondes, balayage, etc., she really has cultivated an affinity (and knack) for curly hair and brunettes!

While building her business is her prime focus professionally, wed be remiss not to mention how passionate she is about being a mom, spending time with her son and future husband, and chasing down food trucks with her fam.

With a genuine zest for life, she has an inherent appreciation for the simple things in life: being outdoors, swimming with her kiddo, visiting parks, sight-seeing and soaking in the things that make her happy: time well spent with family and friends.

When it comes to you and your hair, you can bank on the fact that she is meticulous, thoughtful, almost over-the-top accommodating and will always give you the best, most honest advice.

Famous last words: A good stylist is going to do what they think is best.

A great stylist is going to continue to educate themselves, ask for help if they need it, make decisions from a place of expertise – and never just hope for the best.

Its safe to say Sydney understands the assignment! Get in this gals chair sooner than later if you know whats good for you – and your hair! 

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