Level I Stylist, Color, Creativity & Crafty, Witty, Animal lover, Adventuress

Victoria began her cosmetology career as a receptionist in her mom’s salon while in high school – in Wisconsin. A few years after completing beauty school, her and her husband moved to Evansville.

Since then, she’s found her way into the SAS tribe and gushes about the culture, and the confidence she feels working with so many talented and motivating people, in an atmosphere that feels right at home.

Her interest in color and creativity likely derive from her artistic nature. She enjoys DIY crafts, drawing and painting. When it comes to your hair, she is particularly drawn to the ways coloring and crafting your hair bring out a person’s best features, like a beautiful canvas, just waiting to be unveiled.

She’s got an infectious sense of humor, and a big, authentic heart that she endearingly wears right on her sleeve. What melts her heart the most are her animals: three cats and one dog. She says her husband isn’t half bad either!

Together, they enjoy being adventurous, the freedom to travel and explore new places and ultimately – creating their own happiness.

For Victoria, this may or may not include an idea to build a house next to her own – just for animals to live in, road tripping with her husband while belting out Disney tunes or an adventure that begins in Paris – with no agenda.

Travel. Disney. Vanilla Lattes. Wine. Adventure. Husband. Animals. And of course, great hair! That should just about cover it, right?

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