Front Desk Coordinator, nature lover, wino, self-proclaimed foodie (and proud!)

You’ll know VyVy when you see her. She’s the one smiling ear to ear, and radiating energy. She says it’s because she is enthralled with the industry: getting up close and personal, educating guests and adding her personal touch to make everyone around her happy. We think it’s in her genes.

Speaking of, VyVy has a deep appreciation for her family’s heritage; her parents are originally from Vietnam. Her favorite part of her culture? Family and food. Large, several-course family meals are basically second nature. And don’t let that smile, or her size fool you. You might lose a hand if you eat off her plate! We still want an invite.

Vyvy says beauty and fashion is empowering: seeing people’s transformations, confidence and how great they look and feel gives her goosebumps. She makes it hard not to love her, we know.

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